Renovation - Essex Street, Norwich

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The budget given on this property was £70,000. The official expenditure was £72,000 so practically on target.

Problems encountered

After initial investigation, it appeared that the whole property consisted of laughing plaster on all of the walls. This meant that we could not strip any wallpaper without pulling off some plaster. Rather than ‘patch’ things up, we opted to re-board and skim the whole property – this had not been included in the original budget!

Parking – The council would not let a company have parking permits, so we had to create off road parking in the garden. This was in our original plan anyway but had to be done quicker than we thought.

Although the property is located in what is called the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Norwich, there is a block of flats to the rear and this is not everyone’s cup of tea, which was proven when showing people around. Certainly something to consider in future.

Additional Services Employed

No specialist people were required, including Building Control as we were not changing the layout, structure of the building or replacing anything such as windows.

Fixtures and Fittings

To keep the budget as low as possible, we opted to buy our sanitary ware and most of the tiles from on-line suppliers and E-bay.

Details of sale

William H Brown acted very quickly in arranging lots of viewings and an open day, however, the initial offers were not of interest.

Our comments

When we first walked in to this house, the initial thought was that we had to keep the character and many original features of the house, but we had to seriously re-think the layout. The house had previously been let by the council and the layout was not being used to its full capacity. We quickly decided that the property could in fact be made into a four bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom, so that was a good start.

After a little bit more investigation things were looking good – the house was completely sound and not at all damp. We decided pretty much straight away exactly what we wanted to change and we were very lucky on this project, everything went smoothly. The main thing is that we were able to create a larger house in the Golden Triangle, with a large garden and off-road parking, which of course is quite rare in a big city.

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