Last Questions to Ask Sellers

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Those last vital questions to ask the sellers before moving in!                                    

So, your property purchase is going through and before long the keys will be in your hand. This can be a busy time, with a lot of things to organise and prepare the basics can easily be overlooked. The lists of questions that have potentially gone back and forth between your solicitors and the vendor(s) may well have agreed upon what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale, and confirmed to you that they did actually have building regs/planning permission for the extension……but what about the basics?

The following list contains just a few things to think about, while the vendor is still around to assist, that may save you time and stress in the not too distant future.

  • What suppliers do you use for your energy, internet and phone etc?

It doesn’t mean that you are necessarily going to use the same, in fact it is always recommended that you shop around, but it is a good starting point and a handy thing to know.

  • Where is the stopcock?

(I speak from experience here – we once had a panic when the kitchen was flooding. Turned out the stopcock was behind one of the cupboards and we had to cut a hole to access it as the previous owner had not considered it when fitting a new kitchen.)

  • Is there any leftover paint/tiles/carpet anywhere?

Always handy if you need to do any ‘touch ups’ etc.

  • Where is the thermostat?

Seriously – it is not always on a wall in front of your face!

  • What days are the bins emptied and do we need to order bins/boxes?

Moving into a new place can generate a lot of rubbish! Also properties do not necessarily always come with dustbins or recycling boxes (if applicable). Although it is generally just a quick call to the local council to arrange delivery, it is definitely good to know/organise in advance.

  • Where are the tiles from?

Wall and floor tiles can easily get cracked, chipped or broken so knowing where to look for replacements is useful.

  • Are there any instructions for the boiler? Can you show us?

Knowing how to set the hot water and heating is rather important. To save having to search for the answers or hours trying to figure it out, why not just ask?

  • Where are the meters?

On occasion the gas/electricity/water meters can be in the last place you’d expect.

  • Do you have any warranties or instruction manuals for appliances/electrical items?

Again, the more information you are armed with the better.

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